Sunday April 22 , 2018

A school is a temple of transformation where one has to be transformed in totality, in the wholeness of life. Academic excellence has to be the priority, but a school should involve itself in doing more than that. It has to be a learning platform for both the teacher and student to explore beyond the text books and four walls to assemble essentials like Attitude, Knowledge, Independent thinking, Self confidence & Character in the creation of a Masterpiece who can say “I am born to make a difference” .

To make a real difference one has to always have the winning attitude with clear concepts to implement them without fear and utmost dedication, which is a mere result of a strong foundation built from childhood. The challenging question today is – whether the present education system can provide a true learning experience and prepare the child for real life challenges.

“Character is like the foundation of a house - it is below the surface.” – Anonymous

Here at Jain Global School, we believe that every child has to be trained enough to face real life situations independently and lead by example. Every child has a special quality, special ability, and we are dedicated to a noble cause – a cause to help your child realize his/her potential by giving a strong foundation.


Pradeep Kumar Jain. D

Managing Director.



Admissions 2010-11

ImageNursery to Class VIII

JAIN GLOBAL SCHOOL welcomes responsible parents having genuine desire for quality education for their children and help them Learn, Apply, Achieve.

Campus Facilities

ImageAesthetically Designed

Global facilities that support excellence in all areas, Jain Global School is among the best-equipped schools in India. The infrastructure has been suitably planned to accommodate learning, leadership & all round development.

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Help your child realise his dreams! Address, Route Map, Email ID, Contact numbers and everything else you wanted to know about Jain Global School.

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